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Plastamen - Machines for powder coating of metal elements

Machines for powder coating of metal - Plastamat


We are able to offer you machines for metal plasticizing from our production program, with a two-year warranty. The appliances are easy to operate, reliable and highly efficient. In the first place, the company PLASTAMEN provides quality and warranty, service and maintenance!

Take advantage of our expertise and experience that we have been attained for two decades:

  • - save powder

  • - work without fatigue

  • - high-voltage cascade up to 100 kV, which is part of the gun, is in charge of maximum efficiency in powder application.

  • - the control units of our machines at any time guarantee the optimal results of the powder application.

  • "Plastamen" has been producing appliances since 1994 and today offers its eleventh generation device for transport and application of powdery materials. In the construction of the appliance, a compromise was achieved between the European quality and price adjusted to the domestic market.

All appliances work in 6 modes:

  • - work with all kinds of powder

  • - 2 regimes for the second layer,

  • - 1 regimen for metallic powders,

  • - 2 deep profile regimes.

  • - air supply with 4-9 bars - air humidity 100 -200 l/m.

  • - output voltage up to 100 kilobytes.

  • - digital parameter indicators.

All the appliances are easy to handle, reliable and very efficient with a two-year warranty.

Along with all the appliances, a small set of basic spare parts is supplied.

New and used plastamats - old for new -

For payment terms and the price of the used (second hand) appliances, please call us.

  • - Plastamats are reliable and easy to handle and maintain.

  • - Excellent prices for spare parts.

  • - Fast service spares You thousands of Euros expenses of maintenance and offers maximal productivity.

  • - React wisely and you will create the best source of income.

  • - You will be able to paint a bigger surface with lower expenses.

  • - This offer cannot be compared with other offers on our market because you will not be able to find PLASTAMAT performances and options for less money.

  • - Use the opportunity now, because this is the best time to spare 10%.

There is no risk! You will get a reliable device with:

  • - High performances

  • - Brilliant service

  • - Easy handling

  • - Lowest long-lasting operating expenses.

Visit us and you will see our devices in action.

If you can`t come personally, you can call us and we will demonstrate you some of our models of Plastamat. You can also try some of the PLASTAMAT devices in order to get a personal offer. Have the following in mind: this offer is limited by time! So, don`t hesitate!

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