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Plastamen - Machines for powder coating of metal elements

Powder coating of metal elements

Our company performs service of powder coating.

Powder coating involves preparation i.e. degreasing and phosphating of metal surfaces, then application of epoxy anti-corrosion layer, and over it a polyester coating for surfaces that are exposed to the sun's UV rays.

The prices on the price list below are expressed in euros without VAT. Payment is made in dinar counter value /price + VAT / at the NBS selling rate on the day of payment.

Price depends on the total surface of the painted elements. We lower prices for a larger amount of laminated elements. These prices apply for predominantly flat and partly complicated surfaces, ie they can not be applied to pipes and locksmith constructions.

These prices do not apply to colors that fall into special effects. Quality is not lowered regardless of the discount you received. Prices can be negotiated in cases of long-term cooperation.

In addition to service powder coating, Plastamen also deals with the servicing and maintenance of the plasticizer devices.

Advantages which Plastamen offers:

  • - Favorable prices for spare parts

  • - Professional modification of various types of appliances

  • - Repairs of importers


In addition to the services and production of laminating machines, Plastamen is always ready to meet manufacturers or future colleagues with advice and consulting.

Plastamen - Machines for powder coating of metal!

Production of machines, equipment and devices for powder coating.